Let’s face it – we live in Florida, home of the hurricanes. High winds, pouring rain, and amazing lightning can wreak havoc on the internet, power lines, and yes, your computers. Can you think of any other reasons why backups are important? We can.

We have all heard about computer viruses crashing even the most secure software, as they attempt to take the confidential data you promised your clients to guard and never lose. If you have been vigilant with keeping your security up to date, you may have dodged a bullet and kept those records secure. But if your system was taken down by an ugly virulent virus, it may be missing in action. That’s where your backup comes in to play. If you ever find yourself in a situation where your data has disappeared, you will definitely understand why backups are important.

If you argue that your password policy is strong and you use 2FA (see our earlier blog at workforcejaxit.com) and your antivirus software is up to date and running in the background constantly, having automatic scheduled backups is important. The desktop computers and laptops you bought a while back may fail. An update, although provided by an organization you trust, may cause a crash that deletes your stored data. There are innumerable ways to lose the information that your business depends upon.

Why take the chance of losing data, compromising the promises you made to your clients or facing legal ramifications? By accepting the importance of backups you will instill trust in your dealings with clients, help your employees to understand the value you place on keeping data secure, and perhaps most importantly, you will sleep better at night.

Most backup systems are reasonably priced, some are even free. They are generally easy to set up and can be set to work in the background rather seamlessly. If you have ever been faced with data loss, you understand the need for backups. Make sure you choose a reliable company and install a system that is designed for your needs.

If you would like more information about backups or are interested in having your processes reviewed for safety and security, give us a call.