Do you wonder which program is so insecure that it has been hacked 45 times in the last 3 weeks? Think Chrome. Google recently announced that 20 new vulnerabilities have been found which brings the total to 45 in the last three weeks. Fifteen of these are high-level threats and users of Linux, macOS and […]

Remember when Verizon used the phrase “Can you hear me now?” They were, of course, referring to their expanding network, but in today’s world, it appears to be more relevant to them hearing you. Why? Verizon enrolled customers into their renamed scanning program – even those who had opted out of the program with the […]

We have all been lectured regarding the risks of using the same password over and over for our data. Corporate data, personal data. With the number of recent data hacks, there is a huge chance your passwords are on the dark web and available for sale. If you, like most people, have too many accounts […]