THE BIGGEST CYBER SECURITY BREACHES OF ALL TIME What was once a nuisance, hacking has evolved into a very lucrative pastime. Each year, more and more money is lost because cyber criminals continue to change evolve their methods and malware to stay one step ahead of most cyber security. In fact, the U.S. Council of […]

WORKFORCE IT JACKSONVILLE Phishing emails are cyber attacks that are “fishing” for potential victims. They try to trick recipients into taking the bait and unwittingly putting themselves, employees and businesses at risk. The bait can be anything from a fake attachment that contains malware, like a resume, to a link to a fake website. Phishing […]

JACKSONVILLE MALWARE If you’re a Jacksonville business owner, chances are you and your employees rely heavily on the Internet. From emails and payroll software to online sales and advertising, businesses need the Internet to function. Unfortunately, this also means your Jacksonville business has  becomes an easier target for cyber criminals who use malware to create […]