Be Safe on the Internet This New Year!


Are you and your employees’ habits keeping you safe on the internet? Maybe it is time to remind everyone to be watchful.

Making Resolutions


We all know that the beginning of a new year is the time to make resolutions for the upcoming year. Sometimes we keep them, most often they last a few months, weeks, or only days. This year why not make a resolution to be safe on the internet?

In reality, staying safe on the internet is not difficult. It requires some diligence to visit only those pages and websites that do not create a risk to your computer. In other words, do not download any executables, applications, obviously dangerous files or click on any links with which you are unfamiliar.

Software to Keep You Safe on the Internet


It is also strongly urged that you download antivirus and antispyware protection to all computers. To remain out of harm’s way, you must frequently update this software. Most software of this type will automatically check and download updates relieving you of the job of remembering to do it.

Safe Files

Another way of being careful is to open only files you know don’t pose a hazard. The following files can generally be considered harmless if you also have active antivirus software:

  • .txt (text file)
  • .ppt (PowerPoint)
  • .doc or .docx (Word)
  • .xls or xlsx (Excel)
  • .pdf (PDF) files

Be Smart and Stay Safe on the Internet


Obviously, if you receive a warning that a particular website is dangerous (“Warning – visiting this website may harm your computer”) or if your antivirus software detects a risk, be smart and do not visit the page. These warnings are there to keep you safe on the internet. For more information about security and how to stay safe, check out our blogs on Security.

This year has been tough on everyone. Let’s make 2021 a little better by making and keeping a New Year’s resolution to stay safe on the internet.