Jacksonville IT Support WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO KEEP YOUR CYBER SECURITY UPDATED THROUGH JACKSONVILLE IT SUPPORT Being that October is Cyber Security Month, let’s talk about cyber security and how Jacksonville IT support can protect you. This is the perfect time to make sure your cyber security can protect you and your business. Every day […]

Jacksonville Cyber Security WHAT ARE FIREWALLS? Workforce IT is here to support your Jacksonville cyber security needs. You’ve probably heard of the phrase “firewall.” So what exactly are they? A firewall refers to security measures that monitor and regulate the flow of incoming and outgoing network traffic. It’s like a digital police checkpoint that can […]

What is an exploit attack and what types are there? An exploit attack refers to a program or code that takes advantage of a security weakness in an application or system. By exploiting a person’s or business’ security weakness, cyber criminals can easily break in and create chaos and steal sensitive information. Exploit attacks are […]