MALWARE HAS BEEN PLAGUING BUSINESSES FOR DECADES Jacksonville Malware, short for “malicious software,” has been plaguing businesses and organizations for decades. And with each passing year, malware becomes more sophisticated and harder to stop, costing billions of dollars in damages. In fact, according to a study by Clark School at the University of Maryland, there’s […]

RANSOMWARE HAS BECOME A NIGHTMARE FOR CYBER SECURITY You’ve probably heard the phrase “ransomware” and have seen used it in headlines. So what exactly is ransomware? It’s just as it sounds—a cyber ransom. A type of malware, aka “malicious software”, ransomware has become a nightmare for cyber security. From individuals to Fortune 500 companies, ransomware […]

JACKSONVILLE MALWARE Nothing is more impactful to your business then Malware and it’s happening right here in Jacksonville, Florida. Now more than at any point in the history of the Internet, malware and viruses can hurt your business operations. Whether you use the Internet for business or pleasure, the threat of online attacks can become […]